Finding the Right People


We know that you are counting on our expertise to provide you with the best resources available to meet your needs. We focus our efforts on what's important to our clients.

Cost - Our resources are competitively priced. With us, you can be assured of getting the most out of your investment without overpaying.


Time to Fill - The process to fill a position doesn't have to be lengthy. Our process to find the right person for the right position is streamlined to minimize the time to fill.  We realize your time is valuable.


Superior Talent - We find the best talent available to make sure the resources we provide are armed with the knowledge, skills and experience neccessary to solve your problems.



etiVenture's Seven Steps to Staff Augmentation

1.  Gather requirements - We meet with you to understand the need.


2.  Match candidates with the requirements - Leverage internal candidates      as well as proven external sources.


3.  Screening Process - Interview candidates and rate both their technical           and non-technical skills.


4.  Rank Resources - Create a list of qualified candidates.


5.  Check References - Perform neccesary background checks with                       previous employers and references.


6.  Select Qualified Resources - Present short list of qualified candidates to         client for review.


7.  Provide Our Expert Recommendation - Assist in final selection process        and onboard most qualified resource and facilitate client screening                    requirements.