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Need help building quality 
Information Solutions?  
Or how about locating 
Talented Information Technology Resources?



We can design and build your information solution or provide you with temporary resources that you require to create what you need. 

Our project team has experience 

designing everything from quick custom information solutions, programming to large enterprise analytic efforts.

Let us help your company build a world class information management platform.


If you have the strategy and vision in place, we can provide you with highly skilled IT resources such as engineers, analysts, project managers, architects, visualization experts and more.

Use us to scale up and down with temporary resources to meet your business demands.


We've helped many businesses in all types of industries.  Here are just a few ways we have enabled.



PROBLEM: Our long-time health insurance client's IT staff was at full capacity when they came to us with a new problem. They had less than nine months to fully replace a coding system that was outdated and over 30 years old. The challenge was they didn’t have the ability to adequately staff the project to manage and implement the change. 

OUR APPROACH: Using our rapid staff augmentation process, we were able to put a team together to work with the business and systems.   

CUSTOMER BENEFIT: Since the client didn't have to pull resources off other projects, it allowed them to continue focusing on their existing data efforts while our team worked on the compliance initiative. By helping them scale up with resources as needed, we increased their capacity to deliver and helped them avoid unnecessary costs and government fines.


A healthcare insurance company was under a tight timeline to meet a Federal requirement or they would be out of compliance and face stiff penalties and fines. Learn how we helped deliver a timely and on budget solution.

PROBLEM: Our client had a long history of using Excel as the primary reporting tool for their sales department. For over twenty years, they managed this way and found success early on. It was easy when they only had a handful of sale territories and salesmen to track. However, they eventually outgrew the laborious manual processes and had to do something to gain control over what now was a few dozen sales territories with hundreds of salespeople.   

OUR APPROACH: We met with their senior leadership and proposed to implement a Microsoft Power BI environment that would sit on top of a sales system which was automatically updated with daily sales information. This would not only give them better visibility to their sales but would also shorten the refresh cycle in their current process which took longer than a week. 

CUSTOMER BENEFIT: The application that we built using Power BI gave them the flexibility to see information in ways that was never possible before. They could track key metrics and drill down to detail by territory, product, plant, customer or salespeople within seconds. By implementing better processes and building a robust application, they could run their sales meetings in a fraction of the time than before as well as feel confident that the data they were making critical business decisions with was accurate and clean.



A manufacturing company could no longer manage their extensive sales team by using Excel alone.  See how we built them a robust information program supported by quality information and streamlined pipelines.

PROBLEM: Our client was experiencing a very common systems and application issue.  They had multiple systems that were all serving a particular function but did not connect to each other. Finance was its own application.  Point of Sale system and E-commerce did not tie to inventory systems without manual intervention. They were also filled with error prone data entry points. And now, their sales growth was outpacing their data system infrastructure.    

OUR APPROACH: We met with leadership to uncover their existing pain points and current in house IT knowledge and abilities. We devised a data strategy and a roadmap that supported their business plans which would solve the data quality, time to market and data integration issues. 

CUSTOMER BENEFIT:  With our guidance, the customer build an information mangement governance solution that tied all their disparate systems together.  Automating many of their manual processes, it allowed their existing staff to focus and analyze on information instead of always worrying about processes. Now they have an end to end solution that gives them the ability to see finance, sales and inventory numbers all from a single view and click of a button. We also programed a complex alerting system that lets them when certain thresholds are crossed and need attention.  



Our client struggled to manage multiple manual processes an a attempt to bring all their information together. Learn how we automated feeds from disparate systems to provide them with a single view of their customer and products.


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