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Business Intelligence & Data Visualizations


Users need the ability to take trusted information and make informed decisions. We can help simplify your information needs and form an integrated solution that utilizes all the facets of business intelligence. If you have questions about your business that are going unanswered, it's possible that you have the data to answer them but are missing the means to do so. We can help.



Data Mining & Predictive Analytics


Mining your data can unlock the secrets about your customers and products that will give your company the competitive advantage you need. Let us help put the tools in your hands that turn your data into a valuable asset. 


Where other types of reporting use summarized data to make decisions, data mining looks at the details and helps spot trends and patterns in the data.  Using proven algorithms, a user can make a better educated decision on what customer need; or where to best find new customers. It can also be useful to aid in fraud detection, determine customer spending habits or other business based model comparisons.  The possibilities are endless once you have the data.


We can help you optimize your data for mining to get the answers you have been searching for.




Dashboards & Scorecards

Dashboards can be strategic, tactical or operational depending on the need. When you need to understand at a glance how your business is doing or determine the status of systems in your company, having an effective dashboard will provide valuable insight. 


Developing an effective dashboard takes more than posting a bunch of colorful graphs and charts to a website. Today’s dashboards need to provide deeper insight to the metrics being tracked and measured against well thought out benchmarks. Rich drill-down capabilities give users the ability to explore further. Personalized scorecards allow them to choose what information they want to track. Giving users the power to set up their own dashboards can take a lot of labor demands off IT and is very effective in empowering the user.


Ad-hoc (Self-service) Reporting

Sometimes the limits static or parameterized reporting is not enough to satisfy a power user trying to answer the ‘What If’ question. Creating an ad-hoc reporting solution not only empowers the business and lessens time to market; it eases the burden of the IT staff to deliver reports. There are many tools in the marketplace that offer this type of reporting but all require some type of dimensional data modeling or logical data layer to effective produced these types of reports.  We can help with both.  We can help in preparing the data for meaningful reporting.




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